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Statement of Purpose

18 Mar

Statement of Purpose

London College of Fashion

                Word fashion puts me into my dream world. For me fashion isn’t finite, it got no limits, it’s a vast colorful cloud of scattered thoughts & imagination to make things look prettier & full of emotions when got put together by a CREATIVE MIND that psyche our mind. And I want to be that CREATIVE MIND.

Fashion is my every moment which I had been wondering about since I was kid. I had been with fashion every moment even hour ..every time  by giving thought on my dressing, looking at others & thinking of their moods by the way they get dressed. And I got slipped into my FASHION CLOUD again. To persuade fashion as part of my daily life I had started by joining BANGKOK FASHION ACADEMY in SIAM in 2011, which gave me a vector path & organize my scattered FASHION CLOUD & bring it into reality. During my learning from Bangkok Fashion Academy, Mr. Suphanun Suwansanya (Alumni of London College of Fashion) was my mentor. I started scribbling my thoughts into papers & started positively criticizing & appreciating my FASHION CLOUD & became happy to see fashion turning out as my passion.

I am a high school student studying in Wells International School in Bangkok. I opted to get into International school to learn & get prepared for an international arena to learn about different cultures & their thoughts, which indirectly, knowingly , unknowingly gets into their way of dressing. Which intern helps to understand the global fashion trends more.

My interest in fashion and fine arts gained fresh impetus during my undergraduate studies at Wells international school. I am fairly new into fashion designing, but with my hard work & continuos efforts to learn & London College of Fashion teachings , I am sure I will emerge in to a professional. I had already designed few dresses. One of my oldest design & most favorite  is for one of the famous KOREAN BOY BAND (SUPER JUNIOR), which I had designed using ADOBE PHOTO SHOP. I do have some of my recent design creations, which I had included in my Fashion Design Portfolio. Addition to Fashion design I am inclined towards photography, which I like to do on experimental basis. Didn’t went through any professional photography course yet.

As I mentioned above I had just stepped into fashion designing & still going through my learning stage, & I feel it will be best to learn from LONDON COLLGE OF FASHION , as it is world renown &  best in class.